Mount Kenya 2006

A wet ascent of Mount Kenya 2006 made photography a challenge!
Fortunately summit day saw good weather if a little on the cool side, we watched the sun rise as we sat on the summit and then descended back down the ridge to our camp and some hot tea.

Digimage 2611 Be prepared for bad weather they said SC brought his brolly.
Digimage 2610 Old Moses Camp
it rained
Digimage 2621 The porters get ready for another day on the hill.
Old Moses Camp
Digimage 2634 Trekkers crossing the moorland above
Old Moses Camp
Digimage 2671 Giant Groundsel plants
nr Shiptons Camp
Digimage 2655 Shiptons Camp (4236m)
Digimage 2752 ....The East Face of
Mt Kenya
with the twin tops
Nelion and Batian
Cat no: 0352 The summit of Nelion 5188m
from Point Lenana
digimage 2732 PH on the summit of Mt. Kenya
.....Point Lenana 4985m.....