Alps 2009

Glacier de Tete Rousse The approach to the Tete Rousse Refuge (3187m) over the small Tete Rousse glacier
Le Grand Couloir The dangerous crossing of the Grand Couloir requires speed and good timing to avoid the rocks that fall, it's about 60m from one side to the other.
The Aiguille de Bionassay The view of the Aiguille de Bionassay to the south dominates the climb up to the Gouter refuge.
The climb to the Gouter Refuge The steep climb to the Gouter refuge,
Sunset from the Gouter Refuge The view from the gantry of the Refuge de l'Aiguille du Gouter (3817m) as the sun sets is spectacular.
Leaving the Valot Hut After climbing through the dark to the Valot Hut (4362m) the welcome sunrise spurs on the climbers towards the summit.
The final push for the summit Leaving the Valot Hut for the summit
From the Valot Hut towards the summit On a good day many climbers attempt to gain the summit up the most popular "Gouter Route"
Mont Blanc (4810m) The view from the Col du Dome towards the summit, with the Valot Hut on the rocky outcrop and the Bosses ridge on the skyline.
The Aiguille de Bionassay The Aiguille de Bionassay (4052m) from somewhere on the glacier between the Dome du Gouter and the Auguille du Gouter