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Paul Horsman Landscape Photographer

escape2thewild is the website of outdoor photographer Paul HorsmanBased on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, Paul is in the ideal position  to catch the best light and images from around the North of England.


My early memories of photography and the outdoors go back to when I was a child, days out and picnics in the Yorkshire Dales with a plastic camera, that was free with breakfast cereal, planted a seed that has lasted and grown, in one form or another, throughout my life.

As I pass through the last few areas of wild Britain, I try to use my landscape photography to portray the raw power and delicate beauty of our natural world.  Our increasingly urbanised world makes it more important then ever before for us to be be able to reach back and become engrossed in a more natural environment, to become comfortable with our natural roots and find tranquility away from the pressures of daily life.

For me, landscape photography is the engine which drives me to observe the small details and the grand panoramas which combine to produce our stunning landscape.  Being completely immersed within the environment around me, soaking in the true atmosphere of a location, I find even the smells and the sounds play a part in the forming of my landscape photographs, even though they play no part in the final image.

I hope you get as much enjoyment from looking at the images as much as I've had producing them.

The Kit:        Fuji 690 (90mm and 65mm) ( not used very often now)
                   Canon 6D

                   Fuji Xpro1
                   Lee filters

........All images copyright Paul Horsman